WHY?… Science of Happiness at Work(tm) Matters

iOpener, a UK-based human asset management research consultancy, has been researching happiness at work around the world for the past 6+ years and has found that…

…Happiness it’s different from job satisfaction and engagement:
“Happiness leads to both of these… but they don’t work the other way round”.

Worldwide Research shows that employees who are happier at work:
 Are 180% more energized
 Are 155% happier in their jobs
 Are 108% more engaged at work
 Are 150% happier with life
 Love their jobs 79% more
 Are 50% more motivated
 Have 40% more confidence
 Achieve their goals 35% more
 Contribute 25% more

25% More Productive!

People who are happiest at work report that they are 47% more on task than their least happy colleagues; in practical terms this equates to them putting in an extra 1.25 days a week as compared to the unhappiest employees.


Fewer Sick Days Off!

The happiest employees in the UK & US private sectors only take 1.5 days off sick a year compared to an average of 6 days off by the average employee. (In the public sector, the same comparison is 11 and 20 days). The multiplier effect of being unhappy at work is huge.

Happiness leads to… all these positive outcomes, not the other way round.
In short, being happy at work pays handsomely – For everyone.

We know that it pays for HR professionals to understand the factors and elements of the Science of Happiness @ Work Model, in order to better help their clients to achieve greater performance and happiness at work. The ripple effect of sharing this knowledge could change the way your organization is run in the future. We trust you will be the transforming influence on your culture.
HOW? Through… “Corporate Soul Surgery”
Our “Corporate Soul Surgery” customised workshops, coaching, consulting and team buildings are specially designed to transform your organisation on multiple levels in an optimised and sustainable manner that provides MindShifting and LifeShifting Results… in building smarter, more empowering cultures and more effective organisations that value People and Profits.

Our holistic Staff Team Building CultureShift Approach incorporates:

– SELF MASTERY; Personal Transformation…Awareness, consciousness, choice, resilience, mindfulness, energy management, mind-sets, thinking styles and self-coaching.

– LEADERSHIP (Management): Engagement, Inspiration, ADKAR Change-management, Coach Approach, Positive Culture Change and Employing Blue Ocean Strategies to transform the meaning, function and destiny of “business”… in building a better life for all… PEOPLE & PROFITS!


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