Science of Happiness Solves Productivity; Requisite Thinking Solves Performance Problems

Nowadays.. it seems we have more and more politicians, leaders and managers who are ‘in over their heads’ (ie don’t have the thinking competence their roles require).  The impact is: people are not really happy at work producutivity suffers immensely…  Imagine if hungry baboons ran the jungle?

These “misplaced” leaders therefore live lives afflicted by anxiety, insecurity, egotism and incompetence; fearful and nervous of being “found-out”; and so to survive they shrink their team/ company/ organisation or country’s potential and performance down to their own limited level.

They urgently plunder, driven by their fear of loss; and ever increasing arrogance and greed. – Is the era of the GREEDERS here to stay?

Greeders destroy VALUE

This results in losing the respect of staff and followers. And also creates company cultures where line-managers aren’t one clear “Thinking” level above their direct staff reports. They are therefore unable to provide the much needed “bigger picture” leadership, higher level problem solving approach and “WHY are we doing this” insights and proper leadership behaviors.

This leads to friction, disengagement, unhappiness, low performance, dwindling productivity. Boredom will result if your complexity is greater than that called for by your role. It’s almost impossible to be happy at work in these conditions.

Research reveals that around 35% of employees are mismatched to their roles, and 39% mistmatched to their managers in the private sector. I’m certain that in the public sector the figures are way higher than these.

Little wonder that so much of our organisational and public service culture is verging on dysfunctional.  Imagine what happens when the Leader is incompetent for his/her position! How does that cascade down through the system?

How to Transform Service Levels

Sustainable productivity  and performance increases requires specific external  and internal circumstances to prevail and for performance to be improved sustainable beyond “Motivation”.  These include the external environmental impacts like leadership & management culture, organisational values, beliefs and behaviors.

It also requires of the individual, internal circumstances; a MINDSET, MEANING and INSPIRATION, for them to be able to activate latent will, talents and energy to contribute to beyond their prevailing low levels of non-performance.

1. Success begins with Effective LEADERSHIP by EVERYONE.

Areas that are vital for effective leadership on ALL levels include:

  • Ethical behavior – Integrity, Honesty & Fairness
  • Effective people skills (EQ) – Leadership with HEART
  • Excellent Role Models
  • Empowering Action – Develop more leaders & competence
  • Energising & Inspiring a Shared desirable Vision for ALL
  • Leading Edge Approach (Ai, SOHAW, Hi Vibration Leadership)
  • Service & Delivery Oriented (Leaders and not a GREEDERS!)
  • Courageous enough to challenge the process
  •  Strong Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Trust Builder & existing credibility


The bigger the house/s and plane the smaller the leaders’ mind… People empty on the inside need “BIG STUFF” on the outside to compensate! It’s like the man with a small “i”  – buys a big expensive porche to be “impressive/compensate”

Happy People deliver MORE on EVERY LEVEL; HAPPY, WELL LED, PEOPLE CAN TRANSFORM THE COUNTRY- 6% of a system can transform a system either way – positive or negative.  How happy are your people… How well are you leading them? – do you have the requisite mental capacity for your position? REALLY??


2. Success requires resources for the individual
Areas that are vital for effective action and positive behaviors on ALL individual levels include a MINDSET and passion that facilitates increasing performance, efficiency, effectiveness & life satisfaction.

  • Awareness
  • DesireKnowledge
  • Energy
  • Happiness@Work
  • Ability
  • Resilience
  • Reinforcement
  • Rewards
  •  Values & Belief Shifts


Personal Transformation Journey –  Happy People deliver 25% more productivity

After spending some time with Professor/ Dr Stoltz (Originator of AQ/ adversity intelligence), we (Life Masters) designed a 3 step personal transformation process to transform Personal Potential to manage the Personal INTERNAL circumstances.

We can measure and enhance the individual and Teams AQ/Resilience MINDSET. – We can reset potential for unlimited possibilities.

  • Level 1 – Phoenix – Unhook Past Beliefs & Limiting thinkig patterns
  • Level 2 – Dragon Slaying – Confront Future Fears – Build Courage for ACTION
  • Level 3 – Alchemy – Activate PRESENT Potential, Beliefs, Identity – Beliefs, VALUES and ACTION plans for ACHIEVING


The 3 levels of transformation are like a human biology system

  • 1. Cells – Individual People – Must be addressed first
  • 2. Organs – Teams & Groups
  •  3. Body – Departments

The cells health & Mindset must be addressed first before sustainable and effective work can be done on the next level for improving teamwork.  Once healthy and happy individuals work together better as a real team… with good communication, clarity, focus, energy, collaboration and good leadership, then the departments’ mandate can be met more effectively.


. Success requires circumstances for the EFFECTIVE TEAMWORK.

  • REAL Relationships
  • Engagement – leadership behaviors
  • Appreciative & Strategic Recognition
  • Trusting & TrustWORTHY
  • Competence
  • Fairness
  • Positive Culture – Losada Line Insights; 6+:1-
  • Science of Happiness@ Work Principles
  • Sufficient Resources
  • Strong Leadership & Higher Ground CASTLE principles
  •  Clarity and Understanding; Roles, Goals, Destiny, Cause & Calling


We have 5 steps/Phases to our Team Development Process

  1. REAL
  3. BULLETproof
  4. SOUL

If a country is going to transform – it starts at the head and cascades down through the levels. As the saying goes, “the fish rots from the HEAD.” – Leadership starts, and directs, the fire!


Greedership has destroyed Africa’s potential…

Greedership destroys… belief, values, integrity, potential, credibility, hope & action

A comprehensive plan for extensive social engineering is required to begin to RE-ENGINEER the IDENTITIY and Psyche of the country and it’s people as a COMPLETE WHOLE.
All levels must be address, energised, empowered and aligned towards a common and attractive vision for the greater good of ALL.
Resilience and the BELIEF OF the POSSIBILITY OF BETTER are the core aspects of each individual that is required to be re activated. Like the circus elephant who stands feebly next to the pole with a thin rope around his leg. He has been “Mentally programmed” to be limited & Pathetic – He has “given up” on his REAL potential. The elephants’ mindset has limited or no hope of anything better… People are just the same.
Greedership in Africa had led directly to the destruction of HOPE, BELIEF and potential. It is a courageous REAL leader with a strong new leadership team who can begin to turn the tide from greedership to Servant Service Leadership for the greater good of their people and mankind.
Africa is truly ready for such a transformation- The African stage is standing vacant, ready for a leadership team who will go down in the records of history as stepping up in a manner never seen before in the history of the planet. A legacy, that will last long after their time in service.

Life Masters Services:
We can provide Consulting, Coaching, Workshops, Talks, Presentations, Materials, Facilitation, Project Management, Train the Trainer, Profiles & Assessments and Support; Strategic and Tactical support in partnership with clients to truly reengineer the potential and hope of the people through effective…

  • Social Engineering
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Individual Transformation & Re Ennergising
  • Teamwork Development
  • Appreciative Inquiry Systems
  • Science of Happiness @ Work Foundation
  • Blue Ocean Strategies

Once we have a clearer idea of your needs and circumstances we can provide specific solutions for evaluating and implementing our concepts, principles and philosophies.

We look forward to supporting your new focus and initiatives in improving your services levels, productivity, performance and perceptions.


Tony Dovale
Chief Results Facilitator
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