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Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes in the night
Please help me Lord – I’m scared. I might die of fright.

I’m so confused and unsure of what to say or do
I wish, I wish… I didn’t have to see this through.

My courage seems to have left my side
This seems to feel as if I’ve almost died.

It’s really time for me to take another chance at life
It’s time for me to step up and face the strife.

It’s time I looked deep inside my heart
And found the courage to make a new start.

I know that if I really make a strong and powerful stand
This storm will pass and leave it’s gift in my hand.

Storm Dancers – live to learn, laugh and love
Knowing that their gifts come from above.

Above the rain, and sounds, and fury of the storm
Storm dancers know that challenges are the norm.

Take heart apprentice; take back your power now
Start Storm Dancing today; create a life of WOW.

You have everything you need to dance
You just have to decide to take that chance.

A chance to become a Storm Dancer is in your destiny
This is your chance to set yourself… totally…free.

Free from fear, suffering, hurt, shame and hate
Become a Storm Dancer… now… before it’s too late.

Stop being a victim and blaming others all
For all your suffering and your little falls.

To live life fully – start Storm Dancing now
you are the Master – take charge and show us how.

Only victims and the wounded… blame and bleat and warn
Others, awaken… to take up the challenge and hail the storm.

Gone are my days of complacency and jeer
Gone are my nights of indifference and fear.

Gone is the way that we used to be
Fearful, victims with no hope to see.

Now the corner is turned, and heaven knows we’ve learned
We’re Storm Dancing even though we were slightly burned.

Storm dancing frees your Soul
No fear, no suffering, no more victim is the goal.

Storm Dancing – it’s your Souls call
To take it easy – but, do… take it all.

I’ll see you out in life this fall
Come Storm Dancing with us all.


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Tony Dovale

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