Happiness and  Positive Psychology

For most of its history, psychology focused on when things went wrong. Psychological disorders, conflict, prejudice – it painted a pretty bleak picture of human existence! But about 30 years ago, psychologists decided to research how and why things went
. Most people live relatively happy lives, but we knew very little aboutwhat made people happy and fulfilled. Positive psychology was born.

Positive psychology has taught us a lot about happiness. We nowknow that being happy benefits people in almost every area of life, from solving brain teasers to living longer. We also know that happiness is actually caused by striving for
, more than achieving them. Even more amazingly,happiness is not just something one is lucky to have. People can improve their happiness through focusedmethods, with long-lasting benefits.

we conduct pioneering research into how happiness affects employees and employers alike. Happiness at work can be measured, built, and used to boost performance, productivity, and potential.

But we don’t only focus on psychology. We are also grounded in organizational scholarship. Which is why few organizational development models have the impressive body of research backing that our practice enjoys.
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