Science of Happiness at Work™ Consultants

The Science of Happiness at Work™ Workshops

We offer both full-service consultancy and partnering to provide ongoing support & expertise.  Our full consultancy package is a comprehensive offering in which we engage with clients to guide your organization through the Assess, Analyze, Act… a full service support to transform your workplace culture with iOpener UKs’ SOHAW model.

We are flexible, and experienced to use the Science of Happiness at Work™ model to implement a powerful staff development strategy to suit your business objectives as you incorporate the Science of Happiness at work into your everyday workplace culture.

When partnering to provide ongoing suport, coaching and workshops we can:

  • Upskill key personnel within your organization
  • Help introduce The Science of Happiness at Work™ throughout your business
  • Provide ongoing support and coaching or workshops for your staff.

Please Contact Tony Dovale 083-447-6300  and we will be happy to discuss which of the Science of Happiness at Work™  services best suits your business objectives. A full consultancy means that our accredited consultants and facilitators manage every step of the assess, analyze, act, Evolve, Energise and Enlighten model.

For Talks, Coaching, Coaching, Leadership Team Building Retreats contact Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300