Simpleman Happiness

Silently seated in the darkness alone,
he swiftly types his message of introduction.

She’s told him everything she believes will appeal
He thinks she’s real cool. She thinks he’s the real deal.

The message flashes across the night
carrying hope, uncertainty, and fear of blight.

After All…He is just… a simpleman.
And she’s trying everything she can.

His fear runs deep and almost through.
Can she love him, what’s he to do?

She tries to smile a friendly smile
which she only holds for a brief while.

Her past experiences colour her perceptions of man
Can he measure up, she doubts if he can.

So much is done by men of past,
their behaviors damming to the last.

Did they behave like pigs and swine,
because of shame, or fear, or too much wine?

She holds her breath until the end
was it love. or was it just a friend?

Why does she cry, why does she wail?
What’s in her baggage, what is her tale?

He carries the burden of final-call.
He’s where the buck stops against the wall.

No matter what the fear may be.
He must stand and protect all of thee.

Why is it we all have this fear?
What is it that is not so clear?

Where is safe for this man to be?
A Simpleman seems insufficiently.

whatever happened to life-long love?
What is it that breaks our trust and love?