POEM: Shadow Dancing

I embraced my shadow today,
I’m not to ashamed to say.

I took a step of courage
and decided to go and forage.

In the darkest depths of my mind
to reveal and expunge what I might find.

At first, It thought
this was worth nought.

I believed my head
as I usually did.

But today I decided to become the Shadow Dancer
I chose too embrace, and love it, like a romancer.

At first I felt a little betrayed
my good qualities shocked and dismayed.

Embrace our shadows – and bad cousins too?
What on earth are we going to do with you?

With love, and care, in their eyes so bright
They said come embrace us…you’ll be alright.

Slowly the shock began to subside
And all rebalanced the energies inside.

‘Twas a fearful and brave thing to do
But I was able to do it through you.

My shadow now dances today in the light
My Soul sings and laughs with glee and delight

I embraced my beautiful shadow.


Tony Dovale – Fiery Tiger