Poem Shades of Friendship

Shades of Friendship

Friends are like flowers in the field of life
We come and go – time cuts like a knife

Some friends are like Roses, so precious inside
But ouch! Your thorns hurt – as you hastily past me glide

Some friends are like feathers in a mid-summers breeze
One day they’re here, next they’re off to the trees

Some friends are like rocks in the wild stormy sea
No matter how harsh life’s waves – Steadfast they will be


Some friends are like the smile of a newborn child
They’re gracious and cheerful with manners so mild.

Some friends are like clouds in the big open sky
They float slowly past, with a glint in their eye

Some friends are like an angel’s soft touch
You want to be around them – ever so much

Some friends are like a hound – wildly and on heat
Any chance they’ll get, your body they’ll treat

Some friends are like ice – so cold to your touch
But deep inside them – they love you so much


Some friends are like a new judge, always-on-call
No matter what you say – they believe they know it all

Some friends are like candles in the deepest dark
No matter where they are, they’ll make their mark


Some friends are like owls – aloof and so cold
By themselves they’ll live – until they’re all old


Some friends are like a clown on the big colored stage
Their happy masks outside – hiding a sadness & rage


Some friends are like rain drops on a hot summer’s day

Your presence is glorious and drives the hardship away


Some friends are like a rainbow in the dead of night

We can’t see your gifts – please come into the light


Some friends are like priests at the Sunday church meet

Talking and hoping their righteousness we’ll someday meet


Some friends are like candles on our table of joy

Always present, always bright, just like a new toy


Some friends love you, other friends hurt you

Some just drop you – Some just bop you


Some just take what they need

driven by hurt and fear and greed


Some friends always find the time to say hi

Other friends never even seem to say bye


Some friends need you, so they can be whole

Others will drain you – they’ll sap out your


Soul Some times they’ll love you, other times they’ll berate

But one thing’s for sure – having real friends is delightfully great


Some friends come, some friends go, some stay to the end

But then again – I’m not perfect, so thank YOU for being my friend


Tony Dovale – June 2004