My Shadow


Shadows, shadows everywhere – nasty little blighters

They take us from being real men and turn us into fighters

Fear and pain and nasty stuff hidden in the dark,

waiting for our first step… that decision… that igniting spark.

Step up… step-up…step-up they said

this is your chance to get out of your head.

My heart quivered with a shiver of silent anxiety.

This isn’t my first time – I know what’s coming for me!

So tell me… they said with a smile and some glee.

Tell us… how really real you would like your life to be.

I wrestled with my head… my heart, and my soul.

For this was my only chance… To clear… was my hairy goal!

A bottom lip quiver, a betraying tear… and blink,

were the betraying signals used to reveal what I think.

So just what is it… that’s holding you back?

We ventured through emotions along the healing track.

Finally in the last throws of shouting, near death and pain…

I killed my metaphorical “dad” and reclaimed my balls again.

All said and done, when I view my painfilled past –

I am now fully centered… and my power will last and last.



Mankind Project Men- I love you all.

I thank you for your love and I honor you for your strength.

Fiery Tiger – Tony Dovale – USA – April 1999