My Illusion

It’s all an illusion of confusion,
my head creates the delusion.

I’m the Alchemist of life,
I allow my thoughts to infect my life.

Not good enough, not right, unlovable
– all transmutes into the ineffable.

My mask protects my mind,
too scared to reveal what’s behind.

I’m the one who judges all.
I’m the one who creates the fall.

My ego drives the deadly dance,
Expectations all setup…all in advance.

Constant is my quest for more,
I’m my own perpetrator, I’m truly sure.

So who, or what, creates that space?
Can I find this place of Grace.

For I’m in you, and you in me,
With this insight… I set us free.

We are the ONE, embrace your NOW,
and have some fun in the illusion of confusion.

Remember… Your freedom is just a belief away.

Tony Dovale – Fiery Tiger Dec 2005

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