I Lost a Friend

Betrayer… betrayer… why do you do?
Why do you betray your own soul also to?

Why do you deceive the world in the light?
Why do you cut through your heart with such blight?

How tragic must your life be to do such an act?
To betray your dear friends who cared for you – fact

So deep the hurt… it cuts right through us too
Lost trust and truth, when we really cared for you.

I see in your eyes a dark cold ghastly glare
As you continue to lie inside, and also out there.

How bad must your hurt be, inside you all the time
Betraying your life, your wife, as you betray your Soul line

There will never be a time when you look in the mirror
And you see the reflection of an honest man looking hither.

What is it that binds your Soul with such blight?
That you betray your friends, and yourself, each and every night.

Your betrayal is a violation of truth, trust, love and care
Each moment you talk, you perpetuate your lies right out there.

We all know your secret that you hide so tight
It’ll be out soon – the darkness pushed into the light.

You have the power to take charge and choose to regain.
You can turn back and reclaim your integrity all over again.

In the end we all know what you chose in the dark
Spirit connects us. We are one. We all came from one spark.

My biggest loss is a friend I held dear
I now protect my Soul, for though him I have fear.

Our friendship poisoned by your devious intent
Greed and avarice ride up front, ahead of the rent.

You lie…you lie… when you tell me not so
I have no money for rent, you deviously show.

If only you looked in the mirror one night
And saw the Spirit I saw that you betray with your blight.

In the end you’ll know what kind of person you are in the world.
By your actions and deeds are your intentions clearly unfurled.

The problem you have, is it all comes around
Deed upon deed, ten fold your heart will be downed.

The children watch… and they see through your mask
He’s a liar, a crook, so deceptive with task.

Mother, o’Mother, beware for your kids,
for satan’s agent lies right in your midst.

Can you love, really love, or is it all a lark.
Even your dog will know what you do in the dark!

So now you have your story so true…
your deception is out, in the bright clear and blue.

What will you choose, who will you allow to reign.
Will you reclaim your Soul, or will satan’s betrayer remain?

Where ever you go, there your betrayal will be.
Till death you do save – maybe then, you can be free.

I pray that you can find your way back from your deept dark space.
I see the pain and anguish on your red fearful face.

I am fortunate enough to know what I do.
EVERY time you talk you continue to lie to me too.

Your betrayal hurts us… and devastates you to.
For the rest of your life we’ll both know who did what to who.

Tony Dovale

  • v2009.6.27.a