I danced on the other side.

Today I danced on the other side
I took my malehoood and placed it one side.

I had the chance to hear and to see
The kind of things men hath done to thee.

I saw and I felt, and I heard your pain
of women’s hurt by weak males, again and again.

I saw the tears that hide the red roaring rage
wanting to be free from this common low-life savage.

Are men so frail they must use force?
It must be that, or their rage and anger of course.

Why is it in our world so true
Men do just what they want to do.

They reveal their true nature so clear and so raw
Low life Animals, weak, lustful, and abusers for sure.

It seems that seldom is a girl oft spared
From the uncouth actions of boys so dared.

Wake up ye men – you betray your own Soul
Hurting our women is a mistaken dark goal.

Awake… awake… from your slumber so numb.
You stumble blindly – unaware and so dumb.

As I stood and looked across the divide so wide
I felt my shame, for characterless males, rise inside.

These women brought gifts of love, care and joy
And all these men do is get drunk and annoy.

Are these men so basic, so raw and so weak
that women become their targets they seek.

I saw in her eyes she carried that fear
She’d experienced male livestock, year after year.

Are men so blind, so weak, and so frail
That harming women they think makes us a male.

I say off! Off with his malehood, remove his tool.
I say he’s shown that he is the one who’s the fool.

Each second of every God given day
a women’s feeling like death again today.

It’s time we men awoke and stood firm and fast
and made yesterday the end and the absolute last

It’s time for men to stop behaving like pigs
Or forever lose our dignity in the swill of the briggs

(Tony Dovale)

  • v2012.5.28.a