Giving My Best

We hold our breath and turn away,
Did I really give my best today?

Did I really go beyond the call
Or did I make myself take the fall.

Did I really, really, give it my best try
wholly, strongly, like I was about to die?

Or did I avoid looking in God’s eyes
Because all I gave was just a feeble try .

So dreary, so droll and so… ho hum
We defend what we have… just become

It’s good enough, I pray today
Why give more who cares any way?

I’ve been thinking all along, I thought I knew
The meaning of “giving my best”, until I met you.

Go Study, go work hard, get good grades
Hopefully you’ll earn it all in spades.

It’s only in times of pain or need
I discover how little… I’ve tried indeed.

My friends’ husband can from jail today
It gave me chance to sit quiet and replay

Was I thoughtful, and did I try my best
To support my friend as she went through her test?

Like a wave of sadness it overcame over me
I discovered… I didn’t…give my best you see.

I had many excuses and real big ones too
Truth be known, I didn’t give my best to you.

Softly and gently ‘nother friend said to me
You tried your best, even they can see

But if I were to be honest and true to you
I’d own, I was so tied up in striving to

My whole life I actually thought I knew
What giving my best would always do

But I have to own my space and truth to be
News ways to live and give my best you see

I have discovered on this life’s test
I really haven’t been giving my best.

So stop and look in the mirror if you may
And ask that person this question today

Do I really give my best each way
Or do I try in a weak and feeble way.

It’s easy and simple in each bright new day
look in side and remove stuff that makes you hide away

By looking inside, by testing new dreams
Your best will become more than what is seems

Age is no issue it stops no one who free
To do their best and achieve their destiny

So as you sit and ponder that though
Do your best other wise you’ll be fraught

With wondering and pondering and guilt and dis-ease
Did you do your best or did you try just to please?

I made myself a new promise, I made it I pray.
I’m giving my best starting right from today.

I’ll dig deep inside; I’ll go all the way
I’m giving my best starting right from today.

I’ll find where I’m lacking, I’m open to see
What I can do to give my best to be.

If I was God and I sat down beside you
What would you have to say

Well, I sorta, tried kinda hard…Or
I gave my best today.

Tony Dovale December 2005