BEyond Motivational Speakers on Happiness

Looking for Happpiness @work Speakers in South Africa?

Who I Work With…

– Organizations who want to shift productivity and performance and transform  leadership effectiveness for greater Employee Engagement.

– Organsations who want to remove conflict, resolve low morale and negative energies from their workplace

–  Authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and experts who want to add professional speaking as a new revenue stream.

Other motivational speakers topics

c) Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow their business, boost sales, and solve their marketing challenges once and for all

I currently work 1-on-1  and team coaching with a very small number of clients

Here’s what I’m looking for in the people I coach, mentor or consult with privately:

a positive attitude
asks ‘what can I do’ rather than blaming
grateful for what they have
excited about new possibilities
can afford my our coaching fees

Who Are these Beyond Motivational Speakers?

Tony Dovale is a pioneer, alchemist  and  entrepreneur at heart.

With all the so called experts, gurus,  and charlatans on the web, you’re probably trying to work out if I really do know what I’m doing. So I’ll start with the impressive part – the things that look really good. I’ve:

Personally coached over 40
Delivered over 100 presentations to audiences ranging in size from 6 executives in a boardroom to hundreds in convention venues
Been featured or quoted in Air Tales, …
Set up a successful online marketing which includes over 16 domain names and 12 actively operating websites so I now get

The Whole Picture

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OK, now that I’ve tooted my own horn – I want you to know something  just as important as the above points: I’m not a guru! My life still isn’t perfect. While I may look it, I don’t have it all worked out. I’m very human, just like you.

One of the reasons I’m adept at sharing sales, leadership and life strategies and tactics with my audiences and private clients is that I’ve made almost many mistakes in my life – I’ve screwed up many times, have decided to be aware enough, to learn from them so I share these experiences and wisdom with yourself and others in order to discover and focus on what works.

So I’m good to share my insights, information, and wisdom to assist you in achieving more!


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