The Magical Journey

Back to back we walk and play.
Almost oblivious of each other’s unique way.

My shadow and I live together, unseen.
Our unspoken relationship, a journey has been.

But awareness now pervades my yearning soul,
with its sole intention to become complete and whole.

We meet face to face in the mirror of life.
Our true reflections exposed by pressure and strife.

As I wonder how long I’ve ignored my soul’s call,
of my other half – to see it all.

Who are you? I call out aloud.
I’m your shadow to say, I’m not so proud.

Contrasting feelings awash through my being,
all so powerful – but surely unseen,

I hide it so well, I keep it all inside.
I stored all my pain till I almost died.

I wrestle with truth – am I good or bad?
Why do I feel unsure and also so sad?

It is only self-judgement who controls what we feel,
I’m super iceman, I really don’t feel?

I believe in this and I believe in that,
but my beliefs are not truths,
just perceptions that the world’s still flat.

My own belief, my belief in myself,
is less than I am, for surely I have true wealth.

My heart slowly opens for me to see all.
My beliefs control everything – whether I succeed or I fall.

It’s not about what is happening outside,
it all rests on beliefs of what’s hiding inside.

Real or imagined, you will be what you believe,
your true inner keeper you cannot deceive.

For you know where you’ve been on this journey to today.
What meaning will give you the lessons along the way.

Will they hurt or support you as you continue through life,
always talking to yourself, sometimes cutting like a knife.

My message is simple – you can do it today,
free your past shadows so they can go play.

So what are you waiting for? – do it today!

You have all you will ever need to let the fear go away.

You are the master, the magician of life,
it is you who makes hurt or happiness from your journey of life.

So master magician please wave your magic wand,
and join with your shadow in a perfect whole bond.

Set yourself free from beliefs and hurts in the past,
and you will have a life you wish would forever last


Tony Dovale – 1998