The paradox of being human, is we have to repress the fear of death to fully live this life.

If death were the end of life then this life would be meaningless.

The true answers to the mystery of life remain locked behind a spiritual door for most of us.

I have glimpsed the other side – barely to be believed.

At first, cautious, apprehensive… as a child first learning to ride a bike.

I travel down the tunnel… there is a golden circle of light at the end.
I feel a tugging… a gentle pulling… I’m supposed to move on…

The light grows brighter, I’m out of the tunnel.
I float through a cloudy brightness, a swirling mist.

Oh God… It’s so beautiful… so bright and clean…  It even smells good.
It’s so still… so peaceful… so loving… So safe – I’m in the home place of my Soul.

I feel the power of thought all around me.
I feel thoughts of love… of compassion… of companionship.
of empathy…of anticipation & Excitement.

I am propelled through a warm beam of energy.
Swirling around me, soft and gentle, like liquid energy.
It touches my Soul as if it were alive.

My being is engulfed, absorbed into a light of pure love.
My essence is bathed; I am cleansed and healed from all my hurts and pain.

I let go of all bonds from my past life… transforming… growing… I’m whole again.

Over there… others are waiting, calling for me!
I’m not scared anymore.  I remember now!

I remember it all now! I’m back….  I’m home again!
Tony Dovale  – With Love