I Am Where I Am Because…

No one can have more than they can handle in their life today.

You are where you are because of choices and decisions you’ve made along your way.

So if you want more,

you need to look to yourself why you don’t have more.

To see the games you play, the pain,

the hurt and anger you so skilfully hide.

Your brain does well to learn and teach,

– but it keeps your real feelings so well out of reach

Your Soul awaits the day to see,

the chance it will have to really BE.

The chance to show up, so you can really see

the Love and the Light you hide inside

when all along you think love and trust long ago died.

If only you would just let life BE
– instead of playing the game of “poor old me”

Hoping someone will take note and painfully see
this little child crying silently deep inside of me.

The time is now, it has come to be,

the turning point we so desperately seek and fear and want to be.

For love is kind and love is cruel
– it is life’s only real fuel

For love heals all your hurts and pain

that we create over and over and over again

Why do we do what hurts us most –

why do we avoid the winning post?

If you could choose to really be –

who would you choose to be for me.

Your choice is made with good intent

– but why dear friend do you relent –

from being the being who you can truly be?

For you to find your purpose true –
you need to look deep inside of you.

For only then you see, will you find who you can be.

Life’s game is true, the test is hard but this moment fleeting – has to be the Gift of the present – To become who you always wanted to be.

Let go the past – the hurt and pain
– Its time to live and laugh again.

Life’s challenge is strong and true –

it calls upon all that you have deep inside of you.

For when you look and listen and see

– you’ll discover you have all you need – just to be

Live with passion, and play with zeel –

for this is your time to learn & heal.

Every breath you take, brings wisdom near
and true and soon you will see there is
nothing to fear but fear it’s self.

God has given you all you need –

to go into the world and truly succeed.

She knows, I know and so do you –

so tell me now what will you do

With life’s greatest gift bestowed on you?

The choice is your’s to do or die –

it’s up to you to choose to crawl or fly

So tell me dear friend what shall it be –

Life awaits your decision… eternally.

Tony Dovale 1998

  • v2009.6.27.a