How to use the Science of Happiness at Work  and other smart strategies to reduce Your Workplace Absenteeism.

Does  a Happy Mindset improve employee productivity & morale?


Does your organisation have a positive motto or Vision  that it lives up to… that empowers, supports and energises your staff? Or does your vision and mission REALLY only serve SHAREHOLDERS?
Why should you do something about absenteeism anyway?  Research reveals… Absenteeism costs South Africa’s economy a whopping R12 billion per year or more. AIC Insurance researched absenteeism in South Africa. They confirm that  Absenteeism levels range from 5% – 18% of staff that could be absent on any given DAY. Some companies have even higher absenteeism levels.
So what drives presenteeism and absenteeism?  Typically this is driven by the MINDSETS and WELLNESS state of employees.  As well as DIS-EASES like HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease which have been identified as the two biggest killer diseases in South Africa.

These DIS-EASES, exacerbated by high levels of stress and unhappyness, kill around 800 and 650 people respectively each day!   This  challenge increasingly impacts negatively on all aspects of business and industry across South Africa.

There are other reasons for high absenteeism levels including: low staff morale and poor discipline, inept management, inadequate
remuneration, poor working conditions, destructive office politics, very low trust levels, Negative Mindsets.

Research indicates that better physical health incorporating exercise and improved nutrition, and access to medical care and information…plus  positive lifestyle interventions such as stress management, resilience training, Science of Happiness & Personal Mastery MindShift training and coaching, can dramatically reduce the absenteeism / time off  impact on the individual and the organisation.

Do you have a proactive… sustainble positive solution to absenteeism?

Step #1 : Inspire and empower your people to TAKE responsibility for their own health and Mindset.

This starts with ADKAR – AWARENESS. Raise awareness about potential health risks and how they can alleviate or manage them, and provide access to medical assessments and support from health professionals.

How about considering having an inhouse wellness support systems, so they can visit  doctor, nurse, physiotherapist and psychologist,  and coaches… all located in the same building as the offices.

Step #2 ADKAR – DESIRE  and KNOWLEDGE- Expose your staff to empowering concepts likle the science of happiness at work to shift perspective, and provide new tools and strategies staff can use to stay positive, focussed and upbeat.  Teach them about AQ or RESILIENCE and the different aspects and strategies to apply them in thier work and private lives.

A MindShift is required for people to take action… MindShift Coaches can facilitate, energise, and grow the mental muscles of your staff to gain optimum long-term  peak performance results.

Step #3 ADKAR – ABILITY…People need ENERGY to take action. Some smart companies even allow staff members to have all-day access to a full gym with professional support from personal trainers, as well as aerobics, yoga and Pilates classes in the breaks, lunchtime and evening.  Consider  the value and benefits of creating a workspace  where there is no feeling guilt for “stealing” an hour’s exercise during working hours, because you know that this has an effective impact to rapidly recharging one’s energy to go back to work and put in some quality time.

How about also introducing healthy food options and a relaxation or chill out / destress spaces.  Let your  canteen serve up nutritious meals and smart GI balanced snack options all day.

Who says work must be limited to offices, meeting rooms and cold cubicles. How about creating positive “reen” spots like a lapa space,
to encourage your stuff to spend some time outside in the sunshine and natural air… connected via wireless hotspots.

ADKAR  – Reinforce.  TEAMWORK is vital in todays times… get employees to spend more time together in positive, fun, interesting situations other than just work… so they can begin to get to connect, know and trust each other even better… which is a great fouindation for stronger relationships and higher team spirit and better performance. In my research around Science of happiness at work and engagement levels, very few people have “best” friends at work… This impacts connection, trust, stress levels, happiness, support, performance etc…

Smart companies have benefitted greatly through the positive impact on overall morale in the office because people are being given the opportunity to work in an unrestricted environment while putting in a hundred percent effort at work.  This provides some control and autonomy in a more connected, trusting, friendly space.

You might find that people start to enjoy coming to work again, which will impact talent retention, stress levels, absenteeism, happiness and all aspects of performance and productivity.

You could even become a company where people are trusting, proud and receive the recognition that inspires them to even greater results… If your staff truly are your greates assest and best competitive advantage…. then do things that show that value.