Poem – The Dragon Slayers Call

It’s time the darkness said – for me to fully occupy your head.

To overcome your happiness and strangle your joy.
That you’ve been guarding since your first precious toy.

The power that I have – is nothing to do with me.
In fact, all the power I have comes directly from thee.

I live in your deepest darkest most fear-filled spot

that makes you squirm ‘n shiver, even though I’m hot.

Your darkest fears control your desires and your destiny.

And your deepest longing is for once and for all…
to be finally free…from the pain …and fear that haunts you every day.

In all aspects of your life…love, work and play.

I am your dragon that you fear to face.

Instead we compete in a shadowy race.

You dart back and forth trying to avoid my sharp tongue.

Instead you leak all your energy – missing out on the fun.

Isn’t it a shame that we choose to live with this pain
When all we really want is to love, and be loved again.

This dance with dragons whose power is paper-thin
It’s all our own choice to create and hold them in.

I’m here to tell you on this fine sunny day.

It doesn’t always have to be this way.

Face your dragons – face them head on.

And surely for certain – they will flee and be gone.

The challenge is yours – will you rise to the call.

To slay your dark dragons – that hide in the hall.

The decision is yours – to go all the way.

Become a Dragon Slayer- and live for today.

Tony Dovale – Fiery Tiger