POEM: Choices Now or Never

The game of life is ours to play,
all we are given, is just today.

Some whinge, some cry about times gone by,
some even wish that they could really die.

There are also others that I do know,
that keep on dreaming – on tomorrow.

You see, these people I don’t understand,
why don’t they live this life at hand.

The opportunity presented is plain to see,
I can be whom ever I choose to be.

So why choose to be shy, so fearful, or scared,
when I can be the one who needs not to be dared.

There is no dilemma that I can see.
I just need to choose who… I AM to BE.

To take up the challenge, and live to the full,
to stop whinging, and whining, and talking the bull.

So as you sit and listen to me,
what will your decision…on this moment be.

To live in the NOW, this moment so free,
or go back to the past, and struggle so hopelessly.

I say live! live life, as full as can be,
Because one day soon, very dead we will be.

Choose… choose quick – as this moment is gone.
Open your heart and choose to live on…NOW.

Tony Dovale – Life Masters.co.zza




One thought on “Poetry Now or Never”

  • I just loved your poems Tony and it’s re-activated the need to write some again for myself.
    All the best to you and yours.
    Gail –