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Activating, EXPANDING, and Unleashing,  Your Fullest Potential for thriving

Hi, I’m Tony Dovale, Speaker, Author, Coach, Facilitator, Leadership Catalyst, Human Alchemist, and Soul Surgeon, on a Mission, to bring More Freedom, Love, Mening, Abundance, Peace, and Joy, to those who are ready.

Real Men Writing Poetry?

Hmmm. A man writing poetry… pushed on my preconceived image of “poets”…I don’t actually write. Its kind of like… I take dictation.

Who is dictating to me?  God? my Unconscious?… I’m hopefully not arrogant enough to claim that I’m the higher power…but whomever it/they/them are…the words have positive, huge depth and value for me.

Some of the poems that seem to come through me, have moved me on many levels.   I avoided poetry in school, like avoiding brocolli, spinach or the dentist! 🙂

Somehow, I seem to have connected to some source of inspiration that, on occassion, unpredicably, just starts to come through my thoughts.

It’s literally like I type, what I’m hearing/saying… quietly and invisibly, inside my mind.

Wherever it comes from, what ever the intended message, I share them here in the hope, that you might gain some value, or enjoyment, to improve your experience, in this advanture we call life.  Chose the poems from the menu… Enjoy

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