Tony Dovale – South African…Expert High Performance Business Leadership Speaker

Author – High Performance Teamwork Specialist

Happiness @ Work Certified Speakers and Consultants.

Tony is the Creator of the :

  • Consciously Constructive CLEARx  Revolutionary Workplace Profit & Business Optimisation System
  • T.I.M.E.  Personal Performance Enhancement Process
  • GO Mindset Mastery & Optimisation and Resilience System
  • LifeShift FORMULA WON SELF MASTERY Foundation System & Ensurance Tools (12 CD’s)

Leadership & Happiness At Work are vital for performance improvement. … Beyond Motivational Speakers = provide REAL Transformation, Inspiration, Motivation and Enlightening Energising Engagement EXPERIENCE.  I am NOT your normal Motivational speaker! I’m a MINDSET expert who transform mindsets, energise teamwork & Trust, increse perfomance & Profits.

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Tony Dovale from South Africa: Internationally Accredited Science Of Happiness @ Work ™ (iOpener UK)  

Leadership and Staff Transformation

Speaker & facilitator/ Consultant.

Motivational Speakers Gauteng

Looking for Science of happiness at work (tm) speakers in Johannesburg who deliver MORE THAN a Motivational Talk?

Inspiring, Enlightening & Informative Speaker, Tony Dovale, delivers…Happiness Enhancing presentations, talks, workshops, coaching and action learning experiences that include his unique T.I.M.E. Leadership Results transformation system- Transform Your Audiences’ Experience & Mindsets – fast forever!

Transformational – Inspiring – Motivational – Enlightening

Happiness @ work Speakers: Tony Dovale takes you from Motivation to Inspiration and…BEyond… with Inspiring Stories, interesting insights and enlightening experiences to transform your happiness at work levels with Happiness @ Work assessments, Keynotes Talks and Leadership presentations designed to enable you to think, feel and act in a whole new, more empowering way.

Want Gauteng’s best Leadership And Science of Happiness at work Speaker from Gauteng, Johannesburg?


Science of happiness at work Speaker…Tony Dovale delivers Cage Rattling, MindShifting, Limit-Challenging… enlightening keynotes talks and thought provoking presentations on how to be happier in life and work. He shifts your audiences’ mindsets and perspectives on what they believe they can achieve and how they feel and show up at work and life. He shares from a powerful base of happiness at work research, studies and first hand experiences that cover awareness, conscious, choice, resilience, leadership, mastery and happiness.

As a specialist expert who speaks on New Leadership, Resilience Coaching, The Science of Happiness at Work, Improving teamworking and Peak Performance, Tony brings leading edge tools, insights and tips to transform performance, productivity and results and goes way beyond being a motivational speaker.

Happiness At Work Speakers South Africa Gauteng

Go BEyond Motivating or manipulating to truly transforming the heads, hearts and souls of your participants for greater happiness in the workplace.

Unless SHIFT happens for your attendees… you are missing the full power of going beyond the visible. Explore the truly enlightening and inspiring. Tony has invested the majority of his life exploring the boundaries of human possibility. He brings a new perspective on the world of work, personal mastery, happiness and leadership,  and delivers more that the usual motivational or Inspirational speakers talks in Gauteng.

Care enough to choose incredible VALUE for your staff and conference or workshop attendees.

– Keynotes Talks
– Professional Business Presenters
– Hi-Voltage Leadership Talks
– Motivational, Inspirational & Enlightening
— Presenter Skills Training
– Conferences Ice Breakers and Team Buildings
– Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators
– Professional presentation coaches
– Professional Speakers Bureau
– REAL Team Buildings & Trust Building
– Facilitators & Guest Conference Presenters
– Author – Swift Success, Soul Shift & #FutureFit
– High Performance Coach

Tony Dovale as a professional business keynote presenter goes BEyond average motivational speakers and delivers cage-rattling, eye-opening, perspective-challenging conference presentations that enable you to see things in a totally different light.

Tony’s studies in Higher Ground Leadership, REAL Team Building, Human Consciousness Levels, Science of Happiness at work, Accelerated Trust, Appreciative Inquiry, Human Sigma, Staff Engagement, AQ/ Resilience and Digital Web SEO Marketing enables him to share profoundly powerful new insights and thought-altering possibilities.

“One of the most thought provoking professional business /keynote speakers I have encountered” – Clive Stacey – Business Strategist

Namaste’ – Tony Dovale

SA’s #1 Energy Coach, Keynote Speaker, Professional Presenter, Coach & Resilience Expert
Mobile: 083-447-6300

We can provide BEyond Motivational Speakers in Gauteng South Africa and bring the Science of Happiness@work home.

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